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  • monika_dahlberg_keulen.jpg

    © Monika Dahlberg, You are my Heroin, 2016

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    © Monika Dahlberg, Selfportraits

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    © Kathrin Esser, STRÖMBY, 2015

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    © Kathrin Esser, STRÖMBY, 2015

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    © Mechthild op gen Orth

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    © Mechthild op gen Orth

The exhibition directs its focus on the search for security as a consequence of experienced reality. Three positions, one topic.
While Kathrin Esser's (*1990) conceptual approach examines the role of portraits in her own home, in her fragmentary self-portraits Monika Dahlberg (*1975) confronts her double identity. Mechthild op gen Orth heads to American backyard boxing rings with her camera: sport as an opportunity to escape an uncertain future.

07Innere Sicherheit/
The State I am In

Anne Kotzan Redaktionsbüro, c/o LUND Verlagsges.
Hohenstaufenring 11
50674 Köln - Altstadt Süd

Kathrin Esser, Mechthild op gen Orth, Monika Dahlberg

19.09. – 25.09.2016


22.09.2016   18.00h – 21.00h

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19. – 21.09. 11h – 18h
22.09. until 21h
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Anne Kotzan Redaktionsbüro, c/o LUND Verlagsges.