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    © Barbara Haiduck, Inge Kamps

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    © Inge Kamps

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    © Barbara Haiduck

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    © Barbara Haiduck

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    © Barbara Haiduck

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    © Inge Kamps

Barbara Haiduck uses the long exposure times required by photogram and pinhole camera to decelerate photographic processes. The contingency-favouring visual worlds thus created are formally developed further using digital possibilities in part.
Inge Kamp's works – panoramas, multiple exposures and videos - deal variously with the possibilities and limits of natural resources. She develops strategies for an alternative food culture in her videos at the same time.



kampstogether - Raum für Kunst und Musik
Rolshover Str. 97
51105 Köln - Kalk

Barbara Haiduck, Inge Kamps

26.08. – 09.09.2016


26.08.2016   19.00h – 22.00h

Festival opening hours

Wed – Sun 19h – 21h

additional events

Finissage in the course of

09.09.2016   19.00h – 22.00h


Music performance “Pommes de l´eau” from and with SnowKrash on the day of the vernissage at 20h.


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kampstogether - Raum für Kunst und Musik