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    © Bernadette Jansen

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    © Julia Horn

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    © Francesca Magistro

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    © Sibylle Mall

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    © Francesca Magistro

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    © Julia Horn

With how much self-assurance or lack of assurance do women put their bodies on show during Miss competitions? How do we protect our private sphere or permit an insight into our own four walls? What if people are obliged to give up their secure home? And what effect does a terrorist attack in the neighbourhood have on a child's sense of security? Fotoraum Köln e.V. shows widely varying facets on the theme of “Innere Sicherheit/The State I Am In”. 


36Innere Sicherheit/
The State I am In

Fotoraum Köln e.V.
Herderstr. 88
50935 Köln - Lindenthal

Julia Horn, Francesca Magistro,
Sibylle Mall, Bernadette Jansen

23.09. – 23.10.2016


23.09.2016   20.00h

Festival opening hours

23.09. from 20h 
24.09. 11h – 19h 
25.09. 11h – 19h

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Live music

23.09.2016   21.00h


23.10.2016   16.00h – 18.00h


During opening hours on the festival weekend: Saturday 24. and Sunday 25.09. 11h – 19h with coffee and cakes. After the festival weekend every Sunday from 16h – 18h (2.10., 9.10., 16.10.) open


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