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Light Painted Abstractions

  • desquared DEF42x297.jpg

    © Luuk de Haan, desquared 7 DEF, 2013 42x29,7 cm

  • ID_09_19_02.jpg

    © Inge Dick, `rot`, 1998, 19:02 Uhr, Polaroid

  • appliance 2 LowRes.jpg

    © Luuk de Haan, apliances 2, 2016, 40x28,6 cm

  • SEAT 10K 2016,200x130cm.jpg.jpeg

    © Stefan Heyne, SEAT 10K, 2016, 200x130cm, Edition of 5 + 1AP

The show Light Painted Abstractions presents abstract photographs; all of them questioning the fundamental dogmas of photographic thinking. They reject the common requirement of photography to always reflect reality in favour of an autonomous image. This joint positioning is both a detachment from prevailing expectations and an approach to an independent image via different techniques, in which however the camera is used as a foundation for the search for truth on a theoretical-conceptual level.


Kaune Contemporary
Gereonskloster 12 (Kapelle)
50670 Köln - Altstadt Nord

Inge Dick, Stefan Heyne, Luuk de Haan

03.09. – 21.10.2016


02.09.2016   18.00h

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Kaune Contemporary