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orange Linsen

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    © Anna Silvia Bins

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    © Holger Schäfers

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    © Thomas Bertschik

Anna Silvia Bins focuses her photographic attention on the little things and elevates them to art. 
With “Windows” Thomas Bertschik uses the voyeuristic view through the window, now hidden, now disguised or covered, in order to lend clarity to the loneliness of the photographer at the moment of his shot as well as to the isolation of what he observes. Holger Schäfers plays with abstraction, deception and reality. In his surreal worlds he forces the beholder to look closely, and not simply to accept.



Fotostudio Bins
Rosenstr. 27
50678 Köln - Neustadt Süd

Anna Silvia Bins, Thomas Bertschik, Holger Schäfers

24.09. – 25.09.2016


24.09.2016   16.00h

Festival opening hours

24.09. 16h – 21h 
25.09. 12h – 17h


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