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Ort und Ordnung

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    © Bettina Stahlschmidt und Wilfried Gohsens

  • 01 Bettina Stahlschmidt, Katja Richter .jpeg

    © Bettina Stahlschmidt, Katja Richter

  • 02 Anne Herkenrath, Uwe Döring .jpeg

    © Anne Herkenrath, Uwe Döring

  • 03 Ute Spille, Tatjana Balzer .jpeg

    © Ute Spille, Tatjana Balzer

  • 04 Barbara Kümpel, Uwe Teutsch .jpeg

    © Barbara Kümpel, Uwe Teutsch

  • 05 Wilfried Gohsens .jpeg

    © Wilfried Gohsens

For Photoszene 2016 TAKE FIVE at KUNSTSCHAUFENSTER in Overbeckstraße in Cologne-Ehrenfeld is showing current photography on the theme ‚Innere Sicherheit - The State I Am In‘ . . . ORT und ORDNUNG.
TAKE FIVE is an initiative by 9 photographers, who present place and order from their point of view.
TAKE FIVE are: Tatjana Balzer, Uwe Döring, Wilfried Gohsens, Anne Herkenrath, Barbara Kümpel, Katja Richter, Ute Spille, Bettina Stahlschmidt, Uwe Teutsch.


78Innere Sicherheit/
The State I am In

Overbeckstr. 49
50823 Köln - Ehrenfeld

TAKE FIVE Fotoinitiative

17.09. – 16.10.2016


17.09.2016   16.00h

Festival opening hours

daily, the KUNSTSCHAUFENSTER is open twenty-four-seven


» Katja Richter

» Wilfried Gohsens