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    © Constantin Meyer

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    © Constantin Meyer

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    © Constantin Meyer

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    © Constantin Meyer

Photographs of urban utilitarian architecture: Parking garage roofs.
Constantin Meyer has documented numerous parking garage roofs in cities in NRW. Each roof's silhouette draws a strong boundary between roof and city; garage roof and urban architecture enter into dialogue. As a result of the aesthetic image composition and the photographer's sometimes critical viewpoint, 45 urban landscapes arise which are carefully showcased in the parking garage of Design Post Köln.


Design Post Köln
Deutz-Mülheimer Str. 22a
50679 Köln - Deutz

Constantin Meyer

16.09. – 01.10.2016


21.09.2016   19.00h – 21.00h

Festival opening hours

20. – 23.09. 10h – 19h
24. +  25.09. 10h – 18h

additional events

Cologne Design Lounge “Leben im Parkhaus” - Talk with guests on the topic, in cooperation with MAKK, Stadtzauber, Stylepark

22.09.2016   19.30h – 21.30h

“Sprit and Spirits” event in cooperation with “all about interiors by vianden”

23.09.2016   19.30h


Outside photokina-week the exhibition will be open during the office hours of the Design Post.


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