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  • Anne Barth.jpeg

    © Anne Barth

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    © Nicole Tersteegen

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    © Christin Schnittke

  • Freie Portraitserie02.jpg

    © Joshua A. Hoffmann

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    © Dennis Wilhelms

On an interactive stage, graduates of Fotoakademie-Koeln show their statement on modern and classic staged photography. These strong newcomers present themselves, from artistic works through to the leap into commercial photography. Various worlds raise questions concerning man and perceived reality of the individual and of society. Fairytale & reality collide, unfold new spaces in which beholders can rediscover themselves and come into contact with the photographer's concept.



Kulturbunker Köln-Mülheim
Berliner Str. 20
51063 Köln - Mülheim

Absolventen der Fotoakademie-Koeln

21.09. – 25.09.2016


21.09.2016   17.00h

Festival opening hours

21.09. 17h – 21h
22.09. 11h – 21h
23.09. 11h – 22h
24.09. 11h – 22h
25.09. 11h – 21h


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Kulturbunker Köln-Mülheim