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In 38 Tagen zum Ende der Welt – Mit der Leica auf den Spuren von Charles Darwin und Robert FitzRoy

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    © Dieter Kraus

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    © Dieter Kraus

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    © Dieter Kraus

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    © Dieter Kraus

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    © Dieter Kraus

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    © Dieter Kraus

Taking a Leica M Monochrom with him, Düsseldorfer photographer Dieter Kraus set off from Buenos Aires to the end of the world. 
His idea: To explore the beauty of the seemingly endlessly long “routas” of Patagonia. From more than 1.000 high-resolution black-and-white photos, 35 selected large-format prints show another world: Experience abstract landscapes, fabulous Andes scenery, heroes' monuments, everyday banalities such as zero-star hotels and the tough world of the “Efectivos”...


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