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  • 1.Ohne-Titel,2016,_aus-der-Serie-Flotsam,_des-STREAM-Projektes,_Copyright-Ralf-Tietz.jpg

    © Ralf Tietz, Ohne Titel, 2016, aus der Serie Flotsam, des STREAM Projektes

  • 2.Ohne-Titel,_2012,_aus-der-Serie-Landscape,_des STREAM-Projektes,_Copyright_Ralf-Tietz.jpg

    © Ralf Tietz, Ohne Titel, 2012, aus der Serie Landscape, des STREAM Projektes

  • 3.Ohne-Titel,_2016,_aus-der-Serie-Flotsam,_des-STREAM-Projektes,_Copyright_Ralf-Tietz.jpg

    © Ralf Tietz, Ohne Titel, 2016, aus der Serie Flotsam, des STREAM Projektes

  • 4.Ohne-Titel,_2016,_aus-der-Serie- Relationship,_des Stream-Projektes,_Copyright_Ralf-Tietz.jpg

    © Ralf Tietz, Ohne Titel, 2014, aus der Serie Relationship, des Stream Projektes

  • 5.Ohne -Titel,_2016,_aus-der-Serie-Flotsam,_des-STREAM-Projektes,_Copyright_Ralf-Tietz.jpg

    © Ralf Tietz, Ohne Titel,2016, aus der Serie Flotsam, des STREAM Projektes

  • 6.Ohne-Titel,_2015,_aus-der-Serie-Live-by -the-River,_des-STREAM-Projektes,_Copyright_Ralf-Tietz.jpg

    © Ralf Tietz, Ohne Titel, 2015, aus der Serie Live by the River, des STREAM Projektes

The STREAM project tells of life by the river. Meanders into photography, projection and sound. The flotsam episode shows plastic. Washed to the urban shore at river kilometre 675. In order to be carried by the next flood into the North Sea.
Ralf Tietz's portfolio comprises photo series, long-term projects, films and omnibus projects. Common to these are an additive procedure, reduction and the reflection of perceptions. Based on diary entries.

70Innere Sicherheit/
The State I am In

Kölner Filmhaus
Maybachstr. 111
50670 Köln - Mülheim

Ralf Tietz

23.09. – 25.09.2016


23.09.2016   19.00h

Festival opening hours

23.09. until 22 h 
24. + 25.09. 11h – 19 h

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Artist talk: coffee, cakes and artefacts

25.09.2016   15.00h


» Ralf Tietz

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