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Via Appia - Fotografien von Martin Claßen

  • image001.jpg

    © Martin Claßen, Via Appia Antica vom Fortina di S. Andrea gesehen

  • image002.jpg

    © Martin Claßen, Ende der Via Appia II

  • image003.jpg

    © Martin Claßen, Rombilder, Archivnr.05, 2009

  • image004.jpg

    © Martin Claßen, Tomba della Conocchia bei Capua

The Via Appia once connected capital Rome with the Mediterranean port of Brindisi. Roman consul Appius Claudius commissioned the construction of this 540 km long ancient 'highway' in 312 B.C. The 'queen of roads' did not lose its importance until the late Middle Ages, after about 1800 years.
Cologne photographer Martin Claßen travelled along Via Appia Antica, today mundanely known as Superstrada 7, with his analogue camera, documenting stages of his journey with impressive b/w as well as colour images.



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