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Jason Lazarus

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    © Jason Lazarus: „Too Hard To Keep“, since 2010

Jason Lazarus (* 1975) lives and works as an artist, university teacher, curator and writer in Florida, USA. He introduced his long-term project, “Too Hard to Keep” in 2010. Lazarus completed his studies in photography at Columbia College Chicago in 2003; starting out from the medium of photography, he now often performs installations that seek new ways of engaging the photographic and bearing witness.


Interview with Jason Lazarus


The topic of the festival is “Innere Sicherheit - The State I Am In” – which includes political aspects of “Homeland Security”, but also very personal, private aspects. How do you relate to these issues?

“Innere Sicherheit” is a very productive phrase to consider. This idea that each one of us is a host or a multitude for the countless realms we are a part of, now including digital spaces and networks, feels very current. My work for the festival, THTK (2010-Present), features images and image-objects that have been submitted to an archive organized around the invitation “do you have photos or photo-objects too hard to keep but too painful to destroy?”

How do you understand your work in the context of “Innere Sicherheit”?

The collection is an ongoing, liminal space I created because I wanted it as a person and an artist. I want a space where I am reminded that I live in a larger community of changing images that I may learn from, and to create a public conversation around that, and for the conversation to not offer catharsis (relief), but an ongoing meditation on images, memory, time, and meaning.

As I embark on my 13th year of working with images, I appreciate more and more the idea that it is we who are images, and I want to continue forward with this idea critically, philosophically, and with empathy...

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