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Early Work 1945 - 1955

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    © René Groebli

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    © René Groebli

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    © René Groebli

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    © René Groebli

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    © René Groebli

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    © René Groebli

EARLY WORK is a comprehensive exhibition concerning Groebli‘s works from 1945 - 1955. Vintages and later prints are on show. René Groebli is an important protagonist of Swiss photography in the second half of the 20th century. He unites the romanticism of photography with the vision of the engineer, of the modernist. His decisive publications came out years before Robert Frank‘s. In terms of impact he is Frank‘s equal, even if some important parts of his oeuvre remain to be discovered.



in focus Galerie
Hauptstrasse 114
50996 Köln - Rodenkirchen

René Groebli

06.09. – 22.10.2016


03.09.2016   19.00h – 21.30h

Festival opening hours

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The artist will be present for the opening, from 19h – 21.30h. René Groebli will present his most recent books, i.e. “Beryl Chen”, “Early Work”, “London 1949”.


» in focus Galerie

in focus Galerie