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Tag und Nacht – Urbane Dynamik

  • Alker_1500_1200_Fotoszene_LA_DB_1.jpg

    © Dmitri Broido, Lothar Alker

  • ALKER_Photoszene_2016-7062.jpg

    © Lothar Alker, Kranhäuser

  • ALKER_Photoszene_2016-7685.jpg

    © Lothar Alker, Deutzer Brücke

  • web_ParisTouristique_5.jpg

    © Dmitri Broido

  • web_ParisTouristique_6.jpg

    © Dmitri Broido

Two photographers in a visual dialogue on the perception of two cities. Lothar Alker shows Cologne in the light of dusk, the Blue Hour. The beholder speeds through the city, which is blurred in an interplay of light and architecture. Photos with a painterly character arise.
Dmitri Broido presents the streets of Paris entirely in the tradition French Impressionism. The painterly dealing with form and colour makes the photos seem timeless.



BHS Heiser-Schwarz und Kehren Steuerberater PartGmbB
Beethovenstr. 5-13
50674 Köln - Altstadt Süd

Lothar Alker, Dmitri Broido

15.09. – 31.01.2017


15.09.2016   18.00h

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Animated Photo-Show with concert with Harald Sack Ziegler

15.09.2016   18.30h


» BHS Heiser-Schwarz und Kehren Steuerberater Part GmbB

» Lothar Alker

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BHS Heiser-Schwarz und Kehren Steuerberater PartGmbB

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