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by Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber

Separation into a private and a public sphere is associated with the Liberalism of the 18th and 19th
century and the notion of the fundamental protection of individual freedom and autonomy against
impermissible interventions by the state or by society. The private sphere is meant to create a
space of retreat, and one’s own four walls are meant to provide a refuge into which we invite only
selected persons. Not only concepts of the private, but also behaviours associated therewith, have
been changing for some time. There are varying appraisals concerning what is worth protecting
or what can be shared with the public. We are continuously able to have a part in the private life
of others, to view pictures of it. On smartphones, our own photos blend with photos belonging to
friends and strangers; we view them on the same interface, nothing distinguishes our own
memories from those of others.
Photographs shape our everyday life. They an important component of personal life, of leisure
time, and still serve as an information source in addition. Photographs supply information on the
political, economic, cultural and social situation, and are independent artistic works whose design
and aesthetic merit attention. “The State I am In” as the theme-giving focus of Photoszene 2016
gathers together different photographic positions with reference to different aspects: Sociopolitical
issues are to play just as big a role in the selection of photographic positions as the
private aspects of “The State I am In”.
The curated exhibitions of Innere Sicherheit / The State I am In
will open on September 16th/17th and on display at the following venues:

* KUNSTRÄUME Michael-Horbach-Stiftung (Opening 17/9., Running Time 18/9 -30/10)
* Tiefgarage Ebertplatz (Opening 16/9, Running Time 17/9-30/9)
* Bruch & Dallas (Opening 16/9, Running Time 17/9-30/9)
* GOLD + BETON (Opening 16/9, Running Time 17/9-30/9)
* LABOR (Opening 16/9, Running Time 17/9-30/9)
* Kirche Sankt Gertrud (Opening 16/9, Running Time 17/9-30/9)

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