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50 mm Welt - Zwischen Bäumen und Bergen

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    © Michael Wagener

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    © Michael Wagener

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    © Michael Wagener

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    © Michael Wagener

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    © Michael Wagener

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    © Michael Wagener

Be their subject the majestic mountain ranges of the Himalaya, the desert rocks of Jordan or the poetic virgin rainforests of West Papua, the travel photographs by Michael Wagener are more than just an eyewitness account. Exquisite black-and-white fine art prints show atmospherically dense landscape and nature shots in indiosyncratic sharpness and depth. The work's title 50mm Welt covers multitude of motifs, mainly taken using a 50mm Carl Zeiss lens on diverse journeys around the globe.



Crews and Captains GmbH
Auguststr. 11
50733 Köln - Nippes

Michael Wagener

22.09. – 25.09.2016


22.09.2016   19.00h

Festival opening hours

daily 11h – 19h


In addition to the exhibition at Crews and Captains there will be further images on display from the series 50mm Welt as part of a permanent loan at the Norbert Burger Centre
Keupstrasse 2a-4, 51063 Cologne, from 26.08., daily 10h – 18h


» Michael Wagener

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