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86 - Ehrenamtliches Engagement in Köln

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    © Pascal Nordmann

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    © Pascal Nordmann

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    © Pascal Nordmann

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    © Pascal Nordmann

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    © Pascal Nordmann

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    © Pascal Nordmann

86 - Voluntary Commitment in Cologne shows, in a series of portraits, Cologne citizens who perform voluntary work. The spectrum of the possible voluntary activities that one can perform is shown here, in this case, by the example of the city of Cologne. The subject of the series is the people behind their voluntary jobs and the question of what motivates them to invest their time in an altruistic cause.



Carlswerk, „Hypodrom“
Schanzenstr. 6–20
51063 Köln - Mülheim

Pascal Nordmann

16.09. – 25.09.2016


16.09.2016   19.00h

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» Pascal Nordmann

Carlswerk, „Hypodrom“

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