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    © Rosy Beyelschmidt

Liverpool in April 1992: between activities concerning my exhibitions at the Bluecoat Gallery and the Cake Shop Gallery I used the time to take a number of quick off-the-cuff b/w photos that were going to be used in this form as part of a film project on Liverpool. In the style of a storyboard, the exhibition shows the project CIRCLE, on the other hand, though, it also documents a sentiment that prevailed in the city of Liverpool at the start of '92.



Clang Artspace [im Neuen Kunstforum]
Alteburger Wall 1
50678 Köln - Altstadt Süd

Rosy Beyelschmidt

15.09. – 25.09.2016

Festival opening hours

Thu – Sun 15h – 18h


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Clang Artspace [im Neuen Kunstforum]