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Haymarket Check

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    © Feli & Pepita

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    © Feli & Pepita

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    © Feli & Pepita

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    © Feli & Pepita

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    © Feli & Pepita

“Haymarket Check” is the name of the internationally famous checked pattern, developed by the company Burberry. It is found on clothing and other consumer products, and signals, like no other pattern in the world, status and taste.
With their photos the artist duo Feli & Pepita have been documenting the “Haymarket Check” phenomenon for a number of years on numerous journeys through Europe, Asia, America and Africa, and, as they do so, focusing their gaze on the field of tension between individuality and conformity.



Eremitage Weidengasse
Weidengasse 26 - Hinterhaus
50668 Köln - Altstadt Nord

Feli & Pepita

23.09. – 25.09.2016


23.09.2016   17.00h – 22.00h

Festival opening hours

24.09. 11h – 19h
25.09. 11h – 19h

additional events

Music Performance “Tabouret Et Tambourin” by Feli Fla

24.09.2016   16.00h

Exclusive preview of the artists new video work

25.09.2016   16.00h


Please note:
entrance through the antique store


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