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Mensch und Struktur

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    © Marchese|Ströhmann

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    © Marchese

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    © Marchese

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    © Ströhmann

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    © Ströhmann

Humanity and Structure
The artists show reworked photographs from their comprehensive stock in a joint exhibition. Painting and collage complement the images and provide a fresh look at structures and image contents. Both artists work across boundaries using different media and materials (painting, sculpture, installation, collage, photography, film). On show are serial works which have been altered by means of overpainting and collage.



Kunsthaus Rhenania | Atelier Ulla Ströhmann
Bayenstr. 28
50678 Köln - Altstadt Süd

Patrizia Marchese, Ulla Ströhmann

16.09. – 25.09.2016


23.09.2016   18.00h

Festival opening hours

Fri 16h – 22h 
Sat + Sun 11h – 19h


» Patrizia Marchese

» Ulla Strohmann

Kunsthaus Rhenania | Atelier Ulla Ströhmann