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Rückzugsort Schrebergarten

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    © Katja Richter

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    © Katja Richter, 'Schrebergarten 3'

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    © Katja Richter, 'Schrebergarten 4'

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    © Katja Richter, 'Schrebergarten 5'

“Art in the Salon” is a new crossover presentation in the Agnes district of Cologne.
Photographer Katja Richter shows photographs on the theme “The State I Am In”. . . Allotment as Place of Retreat in the salon of Katharina Mohndorf-Heid. The selected works were created in 2016. Katja Richter's images offer insights into personal spaces of retreat which represent, so to speak, a public display of private values.


73Innere Sicherheit/
The State I am In

Kunst im Salon
Krefelder Wall 28
50670 Köln - Neustadt Nord

Katja Richter

09.09. – 30.09.2016


09.09.2016   18.00h

Festival opening hours

Tue, Thu, Fri 11h – 18h
Wed, Sat 9h – 14h


» Katja Richter

Kunst im Salon