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Urban Spaces

  • Verena Guther_London II_2014.jpg

    © Verena Guther

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    © Verena Guther

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    © Verena Guther

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    © Verena Guther

  • Verena Guther_Zyklus_London_New York_Paris_2015.jpg

    © Verena Guther

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    © Verena Guther

In the exhibition Urban Spaces, internationally active artistic photographer Verena Guther again moves through the metropolises of this world. Her collages, which are an interplay of photography, photomontage and painterly elements, open up an individual view on urban landscapes. In this context she places the focus not solely on urban scenery and architecture, but this time, above all, on people. The artist takes the beholder on a journey through the “urban spaces” of her megacities.



Art Galerie 7
St.Apern - Str. 7
50667 Köln - Altstadt Nord

Verena Guther

02.09. – 30.09.2016


02.09.2016   18.00h – 22.00h

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» Art Galerie 7

Art Galerie 7