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    © Grevy - Kunst für alle © Lissy Winterhoff, Trash/Treasure, susebee, Anna Munktell

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    © Lissy Winterhoff - 'Innere Sicherheit'

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    © Anna Munktell - 'Between the Lines'

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    © susebee - 'the moment after I said I´m save'

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    © Trash/Treasure - 'Studio Ghost'

As part of the festival theme "Innere Sicherheit/The State I Am In" Grevy presents the following artists: Anna Munktell, susebee, Trash/Treasure and Lissy Winterhoff. The individual works range from narrative/conceptual, through a documentary/political, to a personal/intimate elaboration of the festival theme.
Grevy, the online art community, represented by Arnd Schaefer, exhibits the artists in the premises of FGR in a backyard in Cologne Südstadt.


55Innere Sicherheit/
The State I am In

Grevy - Kunst für Alle c/o Freie Gestalterische Republik (FGR)
Bonner Str. 8
50677 Köln - Altstadt Süd

Anna Munktell, susebee, Trash/Treasure, Lissy Winterhoff

23.09. – 25.09.2016


23.09.2016   19.00h

Festival opening hours

Fri 19h – 22h 
Sat + Sun 11h – 19h


» Grevy

Grevy - Kunst für Alle         c/o Freie Gestalterische Republik (FGR)