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    © Blink/Vanzuela

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The state of waiting for an existential change plays an everyday role for refugees. The group exhibition focuses on the desire for a self-determined life and shows various artistic positions. In addition to the journalistic view of life in border areas, others experimentally dive into the diffuse emotional world between flight and asylum (photography, painting, drawings). The exhibition is accompanied by days of encounter featuring music and readings.


19Innere Sicherheit/
The State I am In

Bürgerzentrum Ehrenfeld e.V.
Venloer Str. 429
50825 Köln - Ehrenfeld

Evi Blink, Cherylyn Vanzuela u.a.

16.07. – 28.08.2016


16.07.2016   16.00h

Festival opening hours

general at BüZe 
Mon – Thu 10h – 18h 
Fri 10h – 12h

additional events

Get together/Finissage

28.08.2016   16.00h


More artists (paintings/drawings) and intercultural projects will be presented in the exhibition. Information about participants, our programme during the get-together-days and varying opening hours for events at


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Bürgerzentrum Ehrenfeld e.V.