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The Artists

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    © Jason Lazarus: "Too Hard To Keep", since 2010

The artists of the festival "Innere Sicherheit / The State I Am In"

Günter Karl Bose

© Günter Karl Bose: „The Fleck“

Günter Karl Bose (* 1951) studied German language and literature and political science at the University of Freiburg. From 1980 until 1995 he was a publisher in Berlin (Brinkmann & Bose). Since...

Beate Geissler/Oliver Sann

© Beate Geissler/Oliver Sann

Beate Geissler (*1970 in Neuendettelsau) / Oliver Sann (*1968 in Düsseldorf). Geissler studied at the University of Design in Karlsruhe and Sann at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. The artist...

Stephen Gill

© Stephen Gill: „Off Ground“

Stephen Gill (* 1971 in Bristol, United Kingdom). Gill has emerged as a major force in British photography, and his work has been exhibited and held in severel collections. Gill has gained special...

Allan Gretzki


Allan Gretzki (*1979 in Siegburg) lives and works in Cologne. He completed his studies 2006–2011 at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne. The work, “Am Güterbahnhof” was created in 2010 after the...

Jochem Hendricks

© Jochem Hendricks: „Revolutionäres Archiv“

Jochem Hendricks (*1959 in Schlüchtern) lives and works in Frankfurt am Main. Hendricks has worked as an artist since the mid-1980s. Hendricks’s oeuvre is based on a strong interest in artistic...

Francesco Jodice

© Francesco Jodice: „Hikikomori“

Francesco Jodice (*1967 in Naples, Italy) lives and works in Milan. He was a founding member of the Italian Multiplicity Group, an international network and experimental architects’ and artists’...

Daniel Josefsohn

© Daniel Josefsohn: „Am Leben“

Daniel Josefsohn (* 1961 in Hamburg, Germany; ✝ 2016 in Berlin, Germany) lived and worked in Berlin. His works where influential for the perception of  the hedonistic 90s in Germany.  Josefsohn was...

Jason Lazarus

© Jason Lazarus: „Too Hard To Keep“, since 2010

Jason Lazarus (* 1975) lives and works as an artist, university teacher, curator and writer in Florida, USA. He introduced his long-term project, “Too Hard to Keep” in 2010. Lazarus completed his...

Nils Petter Löfstedt

© Nils Petter Löfstedt: „The Pier“

Nils Petter Löfstedt (* 1980 in Hov, Sweden) is a photographer and film-maker and has published two books: “Club 13” and “The Pier”. Nils Petter works closely together with artist Erik Vestman....

Astrid Proll

© Astrid Proll: „Hans und Grete“

Astrid Proll (* 1947 in Kassel/Germany). Proll graduated from Hamburg University of Art where she studied Film and Photography (1980). In her early twenties she was a member of the Baader  Meinhof...

Max Regenberg

© Max Regenberg: „Kosovo“, 1994, L.B. System Koeln-Mitte, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2013, Courtesy Galerie Thomas Zander, Köln

Max Regenberg (*1951 in Bremerhaven, Germany). He lives and works in Cologne. Following training to become a promotional photographer, Regenberg emigrated to Canada in 1977. Back in Cologne, he...

Simon Menner

© Simon Menner: „From a Disguise Seminar for Stasi Agents"

Simon Menner (* 1978 in Emmendingen, Germany) has lived and worked in Berlin since 2000. Menner completed his degree in 2008 at the Berlin University of the Arts. Menner works principally with...

Petra Stavast

© Petra Stavast: „Ramya“, 2010

Petra Stavast (* 1977 in Tiel, Netherlands). She commenced the photographic project “Ramya” in 2002, when the photographer moved into Ramya’s house and used the camera as a means of communication....

Ryudai Takano

© Ryudai Takano: „In my room“, 2002, Courtesy Yumiko Chiba Associates

Ryudai Takano (* 1963 in Fukui, Japan) lives and works in Tokyo. The series, “In my Room” was created between 2002 and 2005. Ryudai Takano was distinguished with the renowned Kimura Ihei...

Marc Thümmler/Harald Hauswald

© Harald Hauswald / OSTKREUZ

Marc Thümmler (* 1982 in Berlin) read European Media Studies at the University of Potsdam and the University of Applied Sciences, Potsdam. His BA degree project RADFAHRER has been successfully...

Jan Dirk van der Burg

© Jan Dirk van der Burg: „Censorship Daily“, 2012

Jan Dirk van der Burg (*1978) lives and works in Amsterdam. Van der Burg works with both the medium of photography and film and produces books. The work, “Censorship Day” was published in book form...

Luisa Whitton

© Luisa Whitton: „What about the Heart?“, 2011-2015

Luisa Whitton (* 1991) lebt und arbeitet in London. Die Arbeit “What about the Heart?“ begann sie 2011, sie schloss 2015  mit der Serie den Masterstudiengang Fotografie am London College of...

Huang Xiang

© Huang Xing: „Demolition“, 2011, Courtesy China Independent Film Archive

Huang Xiang (* 1974 in Southern China), artist and filmmaker, based in Songzhuang, an art colony of Beijing. Dueto his 2011 art performance “Jasmine Flower“, Huang Xiang was executed detention by...

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